We were very happy when we found out Johanna was pregnant, although a little worried considering we had so much planned for the summer! As it was our first pregnancy and it was all so new, we decided to visit our local doctor for advice, I think this was a big mistake. Being an expat we are usually so aware of the multinational background of the people we meet on a daily basis and the fact that this leads to different work ethics and expectations. For some reason, we didn’t carry our experience over when we went to visit our GP, we just presumed a doctor is a doctor is a doctor!

On our first visit the GP confirmed the pregnancy and was shocked when we told her our summer plans, it seemed she wanted Johanna to go into seclusion for the rest of the pregnancy and not travel at all! When we insisted we were going to fly home for the summer she gave us some steroids which would “strengthen the womb”. We looked into the medication and saw that it is no longer used in UK or US so decided against taking it!
We did A LOT of flying in the summer and Johanna was fine, just a little tired. Dr. Jennifer in Mediclinic City Hospital rubbished the GP’s advice against travelling and said everything would be fine and all scans were showing normal development etc.
For expectant dad’s there is an awful lot of info out there, sometimes I think maybe too much info… ( no that’s not me trying to get out of any research!) Johanna signed up to ovuline and I was sent the link for dads to sign up, I like it as I get a daily email with baby’s progress and an article or two on pregnancy that are easy to digest.
As you see your partner go through changes and experience the positives, as well as a few negatives ( morning sickness etc) it is important to keep up to date. For instance during a particularly bad bout of vomiting, I was able to say that I had read that day that whatever week we were in was a big growth week and the extra hormones were what was making Johanna feel so horrible.
Of course google is your friend but as with anything medical on the internet, take it with a pinch of salt and don’t panic!
Seeing Johanna grow and change in the last 7 months has been really amazing and has seemed like the most natural process ever, she was a worrier about things before she was pregnant and I was worried that she would be worried throughout the pregnancy, but she has taken everything in her stride and been really strong and confident about it all and I suppose my job is to make life as easy as possible for her so she can concentrate on helping baby grow!

Big thanks to Dr. Ulrich Honemeyer of Fetal Medicine and Genetic Center, Dubai who showed us our munchkin at 30 weeks, 4D scans are definitely one of the most exciting aspects of visits to the doctor!